Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still bummed hockey is over........

It's not even been a week and I am still so bummed that our hockey season is over. :(

They should have won, they were the better team, but for some reason they blew the 7th game of the playoffs. This is what everyone looks forward too, a game 7 to decide who will advance. After a 7-0 victory last Monday to just fall apart on Wed, it was just so sad. I feel bad for the guys too, I know they tried, it just didn't look like it. No control of the game at all. Most of them will not return next yr to the Ads, including my fav player and that makes it even sadder. I wish them all the very best in their transactions and hopefully they will go to teams where they are happy and are appreciated.

I did get my jersey in time and thanks to my friends, they got it signed for me and I wore it Wed night.

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