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RELEASE DAY SALE!! The Last Elentrice (3 Book Series) by S McPherson

RELEASE DAY SALE!! The Last Elentrice (3 Book Series)  by S McPherson
Get the first 4 books in this epic, YA, Fantasy, The Last Elentrice, for ONLY $0.99 each!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Replacement Wife by Britney King

The Replacement Wife by Britney King

TITLE: The Replacement Wife
AUTHOR: Britney King
GENRE: Psychological Thriller
RELEASE DATE: May 3, 2018

From the bestselling author of The Social Affair comes a new riveting, powerful psychological thriller
which offers a savage look into a utopian cultish society where beauty and perfection are valued at
all costs.

For readers of Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins, The Replacement Wife offers a peek into the lives of a
married couple up against impossible odds and the notion that history has a way of repeating itself.

Statistically speaking, fifty percent of marriages end up in divorce. What are the odds for murder?

Widower Tom Anderson is a savant with more affinity for numbers than people.  Problem is, one is a lonely
number. Thankfully, he solved for X by finding the perfect woman. It wasn't easy. Tom is very specific.
He has to be.

Having checked 'find trophy wife' off his list, life was moving along swimmingly. Until that perfect
woman let it slip--she has a past. One she kept hidden, almost perfectly.

Sure, she lied--she fudged the numbers. Most women do.

Now, Tom has buyers' remorse and according to cult rules only two options: get rid of her--or
single-handedly erase her past.

She's a liar. But she does keep house well. And she makes a mean lasagna.

Decisions, decisions.

Razor-sharp and utterly gripping, this electrifying story explores the lengths one will go in the pursuit
of perfection, little white lies that can turn lethal, and the danger lurking behind the smiles of those
we trust most.

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The Social Affair
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Author Bio :
Britney King lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat, and a partridge
in a pear tree.

When she's not wrangling the things mentioned above, she writes psychological, domestic and romantic
thrillers set in suburbia.

Currently, she's writing three series and several standalone novels.

The Bedrock Series features an unlikely heroine who should have known better. Turns out, she didn’t. Thus
she finds herself tangled in a messy, dangerous, forbidden love story and face-to-face with a madman
hell-bent on revenge. The series has been compared to Fatal Attraction, Single White Female, and Basic

The Water Series follows the shady love story of an unconventional married couple—he’s an assassin—
she kills for fun. It has been compared to a crazier book version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Also, Dexter.

Around The Bend is a heart-pounding standalone, which traces the journey of a well-to-do suburban
housewife, and her life as it unravels, thanks to the secrets she keeps. If she were the only one with
things she wanted to keep hidden, then maybe it wouldn’t have turned out so bad. But she wasn’t.

The With You Series at its core is a deep love story about unlikely friends who travel the world; trying
to find themselves, together and apart. Packed with drama and adventure along with a heavy dose of suspense,
it has been compared to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Love, Rosie.

The Social Affair is an intense standalone about a timeless couple who find themselves with a secret admirer
they hadn’t bargained for. For fans of the anti-heroine and stories told in unorthodox ways, the novel explores
what can happen when privacy is traded for convenience. It is reminiscent of films such as One Hour Photo
and Play Misty For Me.

Without a doubt, connecting with readers is the best part of this gig. You can find Britney online here:

Happy reading.

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At Water's Edge by S. McPherson

What if there was another you in another world?
Find out how Dezaray Storm handles this in At Waters Edge, book 1 of The Last Elentrice series 💕
Making this trailer was a long and exhaustive process but also lots of fun! I hope you guys love it as much as I do 😁
If you'd like to pre-order a copy of the book, go here:

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Debra Anastasia

HAVOC is LIVE and only 99¢ and free with Kindle Unlimited. I am so excited for you to read Animal's hot story about the love of his life. Price going up soon! 

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Author Lori King Nixed

Sneak peek of my April release: NIXED! Preorder it now!

Nix stood in all his masculine glory not ten feet from her, and she had a miniscule panic attack as reality hit her. Phoenix Whiteoak Jr. was her mate. Her soul mate. Her true mate. The man she was destined to spend her life with.
Her human side battled back against the instinctive desire to throw herself into his arms and beg him to make love to her. This was her enemy. The demon spawn who helped plot the deaths of dozens of her family and friends. How could he possibly be her mate?
“Hello, Annabelle.”
Even his voice was sinfully delicious.
She swallowed hard and heard herself whisper, “This can’t be happening.”
His full lips curled up on one side and he nodded. “That’s what I thought when I realized it too.”
“You knew?” she asked, her voice sounding stronger as she regained partial control of her body again. Her wolf wasn’t happy to be forced back, but at least she was cognizant of herself again.
He nodded, “I realized it just before your brothers died, but I couldn’t reach out after what happened.”
“That was two years ago,” She said, hearing an unflattering whine in her own voice that irritated her. “You couldn’t have said anything in two years?’
“I never figured out how. Would your pack have let me waltz onto your lands based on my word that we were mates?”
No, they wouldn’t. She could admit that to herself. They’d have killed him on sight.
“How is this happening?” It changed everything. Her clothes felt too hot and too tight. She couldn’t stay still; her wolf wanted to be free.
“Breathe, baby. Close your eyes and breathe through your mouth. It’ll help tamp down the need.”
Annabelle found herself doing what he said without a second thought. He was right. Without his scent flooding her senses, she was able to think more clearly.
“I’ve never felt anything like this before.” She opened her eyes to find him moving closer. “I don’t like not being able to control this.”
“Tell me about it.” He shook his head and laughed softly. “Before this goes any further, you’d better give your guard the signal to leave.”
Annabelle had completely forgotten about Nina still hiding in the trees. “I’m fine Nina. Go report to my father that I’m okay. Tell him I’ll check in later.”
The other wolf hesitated briefly then retreated, leaving them completely alone. Annabelle frowned at her future husband. “Why didn’t you bring any guards?”
“I needed you to trust me. I knew that if I could get within range of you, you would catch my scent and understand why I agreed to pursue this marriage.” He stepped a few feet closer, within arm’s reach of her, and she nearly forgot how to breathe. Then her breath stopped completely when he reached for her hand. “You’re the last person on earth I would ever harm.”
The words were meant to soothe her, but instead, they just fired up bad memories and pain. “Like my brothers?” she hissed, jerking her hand away from him. “Mates or not, I can’t forget that you had a hand in their deaths.”
“That was under my father’s order—”
“But you went along with it,” she snapped. “Rhys and Cranston died because of you and your father. So many of my friends have died because of you. Now you expect me to just fall into bed with you because some tiny fragment of my being thinks we’re a good match?”
“Tiny fragment, huh? Is that how you refer to your wolf? I’m sure she loves that.”
In her mind, her wolf howled in protest, and she spun away to gain some distance. “She and I are in complete agreement. This whole situation is insane.”
“It might be insane, but it’s reality. You’re mine, Annabelle. I won’t give you up.” His authority as an Alpha wolf washed over her, and she felt her insides melting. He was so sexy, and so powerful that it was like a drug being introduced to her system. She didn’t stand a chance against him.

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Auhtor Loti King Paw Prints on Her Heart

#99cents for a few more days! Make sure to download a copy! 

Paw Prints on Her Heart

Payton Storm served her country with honor and loyalty, until an IED ended her career and scarred her for life. Struggling to overcome PTSD and find her purpose in life again, she agrees to a long-term stay at Crawley Creek Ranch under the care of a PTSD specialist. She’s surrounded by happy people who have no comprehension of the nightmares she battles, and a four-legged furry friend who’s supposed to be her lifeline to recovery. What could possibly go wrong?

Single father, Luke Gillian, has been the Montford veterinarian for most of his adult life. In fact, he’s barely left the town he grew up in. Arguments with his belligerent teenage son, and the pressure of a down economy have left Luke in a dark place. Until a ray of sunshine appears in his life with her injured service dog. Could Payton be the change his life needs?

Two people with too many problems to open their hearts, but fate won’t take no for an answer. 

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The Marine’s Seduction (Storm Corps Book 1) Kindle Edition by Lori King

The Marine’s Seduction (Storm Corps Book 1) 
by Lori King   

Best friends since childhood, Bristol Abbot and Roan Storm wouldn’t dream of mucking up their relationship with sex, until his deployment going away party and too much tequila drive them together. 

Six weeks later, there’s more than just friendship at stake. 
Bristol is pregnant while Roan is stationed overseas for six more months, and neither knows what comes next. 

As the weeks turn into months, their friendship morphs into a shared devotion to their child and each other. Bristol is determined to honor her promise of including Roan in their child’s life, she just has no assumptions of a deeper relationship no matter how much she wants more. For Roan, what once seemed impossible, now feels as necessary as breathing, and he comes home with a new set of orders in mind.

This Marine has seduction on the brain…

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“Whose idea was it to get an apartment on the third floor of a building with no fucking elevator?” she groaned, holding her head. 
“If I recall, you wanted this place because of the rooftop deck. Said you could watch the sunrise whenever you wanted like you were on top of the world.” 
“Yes, the roof!” Bristol nodded and clapped her hands excitedly. “Let’s go up there and look at the stars.” 
“You need to get some sleep, B,” he protested as she pulled him through the small apartment to the stairway he knew led above. 
“I will, but we can look at the stars now, then when you’re gone, I’ll think of you every time I look up at them. I’ll know you’re looking at the same stars, thinking of me.” 
Roan knew she probably didn’t intend her words to be so sentimental, but the alcohol was acting like a truth serum, and it shut down her inhibitions. She rarely allowed anyone to see this side of her. Following her up the tiny flight of stairs, he was soon seated on a wooden lounge chair, with her between his legs, her back against his chest, his arms wrapped around her to keep her warm. 
“See, there’s my favorite, Ursa Major, the Big Bear,” she pointed upwards. 
“Isn’t that the Big Dipper?” 
“Yes and no. The Big Dipper is part of the Big Bear, but they’re still two different constellations,” she explained. “My dad taught me that when I was tiny.” 
Her voice was wistful when she spoke of her recently deceased father, and Roan hugged her tighter. Having lost his own mother to uterine cancer when he was eleven, he sympathized with her pain. 
“Roan, how much longer do you think you can take doing these missions?” she asked randomly. 
Stunned silent, he could only shrug behind her. 
“You’ve been gone more than you’ve been home. Don’t you get lonely?” 
“Sure, every Marine gets lonely occasionally, but I’m one of the lucky ones because I get constant contact. You and my family send me packages, letters, and cards, and I can use FaceTime on some missions, Skype on others. There are plenty of guys over there who don’t have access to any of that.” 
“Would you stay if they gave you the option?” 
Roan tensed and frowned down at the top of her head, “What do you mean?” 
“I don’t know. I just hate when you’re gone. My world seems off-kilter somehow.” She sat up abruptly. “I’m like Lucy with no Ethel.” 
“Excuse me?” He felt his eyebrow arch in question. “I am no Ethel. If anyone here is Lucy, it’s me.” 
“Nah, Lucy was always instigating trouble, and Ethel just went along with it.” 
“Which is exactly why I’m the Lucy in this relationship,” Roan laughed. She shivered, and he tugged her back against him. Instead of resuming their spooned position, she lay sideways against him, her shoulder on his chest, her hands dangerously close to forbidden territory. “If you’re cold, we should go back downstairs.” 
“I don’t want to yet. I like having you all to myself,” she sighed and tipped her face up, the pale moonlight barely lighting her face properly. “Have you ever thought about giving it up? The Marines, I mean?” 
“Aw, B, of course, it’s crossed my mind. Every man who’s had to watch a friend die or had to kill someone has second-guessed his career choice, but I was born to be a Marine. Giving it up would be like giving up air. My body just wouldn’t work anymore.” 
She nodded, “I figured you would say something like that.” 
“I always come back.”