Monday, August 10, 2009

State Fair

Heather, Austin and I went to our State Fair today and had so much fun and took lots of pics.

Where are they you ask??? Well, when I went to upload them the stupid camera, connector OR combination w/computer the pics froze up and only 2 were saved, UGH!!! We had so many cute pics and now nothing, very disappointing. I for sure need to try to get a new camera w/memory card and hope this never happens again. sniff, sniff

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wizard World Comic-Con WOW

WOW, Austin and I went to our 1st comic-con in Rosemont Ill yesterday and we had such a fantastic time!!

We went to see Luke Goss of HellboyII because my friend Jeri runs his site and I am a fan but I had no idea until she posted about it. He is such a wonderful and generous person!! We are already planning to go next year too.

We also Dined with Demons which included Luke, Doug Jones and Camden Toy, courtesy of Derek Maki of Coolwaters Productions LLC. He treated us like VIPs, again thank you for a great time. Doug and Camden were also very nice and funny. All involved made this a memorable experience. Cameron Bright (New Moon) even came to the dinner to talk to Luke, which was cool too.

I chated with Margot Kidder (Superman), Jason Meraz (New Moon), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Jake Busey (Starship Troopers), Ray Park (X'Men) & Michael Papajohn (Spiderman, Transformers 2, True Blood) and saw many others which was fun. Would have liked to talked to Rhona Mitra (Underworld:Rise) but didn't want to wait in the line, but saw her and Michelle Rodriquez, both very pretty ladies.
Also thank you goes to, who offered a very nice prize: BFG Tech Ge Force graphic card, which Austin really wanted. Now to get that new computer I need to let him use it, lol.