Monday, August 10, 2009

State Fair

Heather, Austin and I went to our State Fair today and had so much fun and took lots of pics.

Where are they you ask??? Well, when I went to upload them the stupid camera, connector OR combination w/computer the pics froze up and only 2 were saved, UGH!!! We had so many cute pics and now nothing, very disappointing. I for sure need to try to get a new camera w/memory card and hope this never happens again. sniff, sniff


Diane Craver said...

Sorry you lost your pictures.
I had over 300 on mine and had my camera for several years so was surprised when I took it to Kroger's to print them and the memory card was EMPTY! I really don't see how I could have deleted them. Fortunately I had most of them saved on my computer.

I've been having weird things happening with camera when I go to take pictures, so thinking of getting a new one, too.

Joy said...

Sorry to hear about the camera Dina! Hope you have a nice three day weekend with lot's of reading time.