Sunday, May 10, 2009

They come home......

:-) Sigh of relief that the Ads won their last rd game in Houston to bring the game back home on Monday. It is and was so nerve racking to see them go from 4-1 score to final 4-3 with 3 mins left. It is so hard to watch right now, because they have to play everything so well and win or they are done for the season. They have the ability to win, now just need to make sure they do!!

I am also waiting for a jersey that I finally gave in and purchased of my fav player, it was a great offer, so I treated myself, but I thought I'd get it Monday in time for the game, only to find out now I won't get it til Tuesday, so now I'm sad and frustrated about that and am trying very hard to figure out how to get it sooner. Or of course, I hope they win Mon and then play again Wed, now I really like the sound of that!! I have no much going on now, that all I want is alittle happiness, even it's a hockey game win or getting my jersey signed before he leaves.
So, all my friends out there keep you fingers crossed for me, ok. ;-)

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Dina said...

Update, I got my jersey today, WOOHOO and the teams office will get it signed for me. They are so awesome!!!!