Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Once Upon a Thanksgiving by Holly Jacobs

Samantha Williams, is a divorced mom with 3 boys, a daughter and a very demanding cat. So, as if trying to work and raise her family was not enough, she has now volunteered to do a Thanksgiving pagent at the kids school. So there is no time to even think about a relationship anytime soon or so she thinks until she meets up with an old childhood friend Harry Remington, who turns out to be the new interim principle at the same school. Harry is enjoying spending time with Samantha's family as friends, but he realizes how he misses what a real home can be.

Samantha and Harry were very affectionate toward one another and they let their passions open up and not think about the past. I loved it how Harry was not afraid to show his feelings toward a woman with kids and that he could not love only Samantha, but her children too.

I thought Holly did a wonderful job of making you feel part of the family, just with her words.

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