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Bitten by Books Twilight-Athon Fun Stuff and Contest!

So, there are only a few scant hours left before the epic event of the year happens. Twilight the movie opens in movie around the country at 12:01 a.m.! Get your tickets and other groovy stuff here from the official movie website: Apparently if you buy your tickets online you get a free Itunes remix (whatever that may do for ya lol).

We thought it would be fun to share in some of the Twilight mania that is sweeping the globe with you. Be sure to put on your Twilight Soundtrack while reading this post, and if you don’t have yours you don’t even have to wait there is always the Twilight MP3 version available for immediate download. Suuuhweeet! So, sit back grab a bottle of True Blood crank up the tunes and enjoy!

What fun is a BIG vampire movie release based on our all time favorite type of book series without a contest? Don’t answer that just hang out and see what I am putting together for you. I am offering up a complete hard cover boxed set of the The Twilight Saga for your reading enjoyment.

Yep! It is true, one lucky winner will be able to enjoy the WHOLE shebang just by joining in on the fun. Sorry the contest is only open to US residents this time. Details on the contest and how to enter will be below. This cool box to your left is what the set comes in!

We did something today that we never do here at Bitten by Books. We posted multiple reviews of a book. We typically don’t ever offer multiple reviews of a book here on the site, but we decided to break the rules and do it for Breaking Dawn the fourth and final installment in the The Twilight Saga. You will get to see the different opinions of this book from several of our reviewers and you can leave your responses in their reviews in kind. It was very interesting to me to see just how different these reviewers felt about this book. A few of them have spoilers in them which is another thing we don’t usually do, but they are marked in case you are still a Breaking Dawn virgin. Check them out here:Virginia’s ReviewSarai’s ReviewShirley’s ReviewLyda’s Review

You can read all the other reviews of Stephenie Meyer’s work here including the rest of the series and The Host by clicking here.

So, apparently besides the books which you can get in just about any format now (except paperback) there are about 8 billion other fan related items available that I didn’t know about LOL. I have seen several teenage girls walking around with strange men plastered on their persons and wondered about them. I now know where the faces come from. Here’s a shining example of a shirt you could own from the Amazon Twilight Store(of course there’s a whole store dedicated to the books). If you click on the pictures you can get all the info on the products and pick up some for your very own (hint this will help you get an entry into the contest).

Is it just me, or do you find it semi-disturbing that his eyeballs are right on your boobs when you wear this shirt? If and this is a big if, I were to get a shirt, it would be of the whole cast! Because what could be better than one set of eyes on chest? Well a whole crew of them! LOL

So, how many of you have your Twilight gear on and are ready for the movie tonight? I know many thousands are very disappointed in the fact that the family jewels were not available for the premier. Very poor timing on Amazon’s part if I do say so myself. Hmm I wonder if the Cullen family realizes there “family jewels” are up for grabs on Amazon as an exclusive prize? he he he Never fear these beauties are on pre-order and should start shipping to get to you or your loved one in time for Yule.

All joking aside, this would be a pretty cool gift for that Twilight fanatic that has everything. Those who were pre-planning for tonights big event probably already have one of the few items that are still in stock on their person. Yes, it is the chic and surreal replica of Edward’s wrist cuff.
I don’t really find myself drawn to it, but to each their own. You could go for something more subtle like the pins (and less expensive).

What I would like for Yule is the complete unabridged set of CD’s that you can get as an entire set. Come on, I can wish can’t I? Seriously, this would be something I would really dig over any of the other stuff. It is pretty pricey, but all in all it is less than buying them one at a time. Get all the pain out of the way in one shot I always say.

You get the entire series read to you. Great for those with long commutes or who have eye problems and audio books are your thing. Me, I am just lazy and like to be read to! LOL
Okay, I bet you are sick and tired of me going on about all this stuff and want to know what to do to get started on the contest. As usual I am giving you LOTS of different ways to enter and LOTS of time. You can do one or all of the things below to win your very own shiny new The Twilight Saga Hardbound Boxed Set. Contest starts Thursday November 20th and runs through 11:59 p.m. Pacific December 7th. The winner will be announced later that week.

1. Start a stimulating discussion with other readers here in this post.

2. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter here on the right hand side of the site. This is for new subscribers only.
3. Post the link and and information about the interview here today ( at another blog, website, Myspace, Ning Group, Facebook, Yahoo Group (any group where it is appropriate) and you will be given TEN additional entries for a chance to win for every link you post. BUT you MUST come back here to this interview and post those links in one response here in this thread. The more places you post the event, the more entries you get, so spread the word! NOTE: if you post multiple links here, your post will not show up right away. If you don’t see it, don’t keep posting it, we WILL approve your entry later on in the day.

4. Purchase copies of Stephenie’s awesome books TODAY through the end of the contest and send us a copy of the receipt for your purchase to: racoo.smith @ (no spaces) for TWENTY additional entries. You get TWENTY entries for each one you purchase. Not valid on past purchases. Click these links to buy her books:Books in the The Twilight Saga in the order they should be read:The Twilight Saga Boxed SetThe Twilight Saga: The Official GuideTwilightNew MoonEclipseBreaking Dawn

Books make GREAT gifts for friends and family anytime!

5. Add us as your friend on Myspace:
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7. Join the The Blood Bank the Bitten by Books Community! here: then come back here and tell us your username. Be sure to post something about yourself on your blog there.

8. Read the Bitten by Books reviews of Stephenie’s books here:
Then leave a meaningful comment IN THE REVIEW post that shows you read the review, not just a post that says “sounds good” or “nice review”, a couple of sentences would be great! Simply share your thoughts, ideas or opinions and show the author some love.

9. Add Bitten by Books to your blog roll or links page: if you leave our link up permanently you will always be entered into our contests automatically. Just be sure to stop by each contest we hold and leave the link to where it is so we can give you your entry!

10. Invite ALL of your friends! If your fiends come and post here and say you sent them, they get TWO entries and you get TEN entries! They have to tell us who you are so we know who to give the entries to. You can invite as many people as you want and get all the extra entries!

11. Purchase something from the Amazon Twilight Store TODAY through the end of the contest and send us a copy of the receipt for your purchase to: racoo.smith @ (no spaces) for TWENTY additional entries. You get TWENTY entries for each TWILIGHT themed items based on the books you purchase. Not valid on past purchases. Click herefor the store.

Please Note: Be sure to include an email and first and last name where we can contact you if you are a winner. If for some reason you do not wish to claim your prize, you can forfeit your win and we will re-award it to another participant. There are absolutely NO substitutions for the prize offered today for any reason. You have 5 days from the time we contact you to claim your prize, if we haven’t heard from you your prize becomes forfeit and we will re-award it to another participant.

We will be awarding the book and announcing the winner to the Bitten by Books website later. And REMEMBER you can’t win if you don’t play!

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