Friday, March 18, 2011

favorite blogs

Dang it!@!@!@! All I wanted to do was add some more favs and then I lost all of my fav blog site links, UGH............

Now to try to remember them all and enter them again, not happy!!

If I missed you, please remind me and I'll add you back. ;)


Ashlyn Hunt said...

I love that you have pics w/ Ghost Adventures - I'm a fan, too. What were they like in person?

Dina said...

Hi Ashley, mey Aaron @ Chgo comic con last month, he was very nice, genuine and talkative, he told us about Scarefest in Ky last wk, so we went from Wisconsin just to meet Zak and get his book and signed. His line was long, but not as bad as Saturday, sp he really didn't get to chat much, he did come out while we were in line to let all of us know he needed a break and he high fived us, me included, lol. He was nice getting the books and shirt signed. If you have a chance you should try to meet them, I met Aaron twice now, waiting for Nick now. ;)