Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks to Joy, at gave me this award. I am suposed to list 10 things about myself that I am being honest about.

So here goes..

1. I LOVE hockey.
2. I miss my daughter everyday.
3. I sometimes hide my true feelings.
4. I got my passport in hopes to use it, sooner than later. ;)
5. I don't hide my age.
6. I wonder if I'll find my true calling.
7. I feel guilty when I treat myself.
8. I love the internet.
9. I don't buy things too far in advance anymore.
10. I don't do diets.

Now who to pass this on to..


Rowena said...

Wow, thanks so much for the award. It's so thoughtful!

Diane Craver said...

Thanks, Dina! I'm going to post wedding pictures today but will do the list for award soon. Have a great day!

Dina said...

This is from Larissa Lyons, who had trbl posting and let me know today:

Hi Dina! I love hockey too, both movies and watching games in person. Have you seen Miracle and Mystery, Alaska? And speaking of feeling guilty when you treat yourself...that takes all the fun out of a treat!

A mentor taught me if you're going to have something or do something, enjoy it to the fullest or it's not worth doing (or eating!)
:-) Larissa

Dina said...

Larissa, thanks so much for trying to post and sorry you couldn't. But thank you for visiting my blog. :)