Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow, Christmas went fast and our weather is strange.

Wow, Christmas went fast once it was upon us. Spent part fo the day with my daughter and grandkids, have alot of fun watching their faces light up, means more to me then alot of people know. My daughter surprised me with a few very special gifts, she knows what I like with out saying what I would like, esp since I rarely know what I might like to get, lol. Today I'm making my holiday meal, growing up, Thanksgiving meal and Christmas was the same thing and I love turkey, even though I can have it other times, means more during the holidays.

And after the past few weeks we have had so much snow, then today it reaches 50 degress and is raining and very very foggy, so alot is melting, now hopefully no major flooding to come. I will expect it to return to winter very soon and bring more snow. But at least we had a beautiful white Christmas.

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